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Helping businesses change the way they work
to get the results they deserve

Strategic change designed and delivered, with hands-on support every step of the way.

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Where are you?

Major change points where I can help

Here, to help

Do you find working harder, faster and shouting louder isn’t getting your business where you want to be?

Lost, or looking for support to change the status-quo?

We’ll work together to bring clarity to the situation and a plan into action.

Covid-19 Help

I have made a limited number of slots available to help UK businesses. We can follow the Business Situation Review process, or let me know your specific question in advance.

The only terms are: one session per business and that you have access to remote meeting software or a phone.

What is ViA Business Consulting about?

ViA helps small-medium sized businesses focus on doing, improving, and excelling at THE critical activities that create, communicate, and deliver value. Together, we will work on your whole business, across marketing, operational activities and finance through your strategy, people, and processes.

Ready to make changes that work, or just need to talk?
callemailLet’s Talk.

These days there just isn’t the time or energy to waste doing the wrong things, or generating more work than return. We’ll work together to create the smallest changes with the largest impact that will continue bringing rewards long after we’ve parted.

Why ViA?

check_circle If you believe your starting point is important and affects your choice of routes,  then you’ll be interested in a consultancy that gets to know your business, fast.

check_circle If you believe it’s not just what you do, it’s the way that you do it; then you’ll be interested in a consultant that creates change programs to suit your business rather than changing your business to suit a formula.

check_circle If you believe the people in your business are important, then you’ll be looking for a real person who will work with your people to craft systems that work. The fact is, change can get ‘messy’, and you won’t be left ‘in it’ alone.

What happens next?

Contact me to arrange a telephone call and an initial review to talk about your needs. Here is an overview of a typical Business Situation Review.

How much can you take-away from a situation review?
callemailLet’s find out!

*The initial review is free of charge but it would be great if you made a donation to Music Fusion who help young people facing challenging life circumstances turn their life around.

Stand out from the crowd.

I believe all businesses are different. There are many off-the-shelf growth systems and mass marketing tools to buy into today, but are you just joining the noise? Maybe it is time to look at your difference and how it can work for you.