Business Situation Review

We should talk through your requirements as early as possible, and I offer an initial review to discuss every potential engagement. We will cover a lot of ground in that meeting, and more often than not you’ll get some useful takeaways so definitely bring a note pad.

We will be looking for four key outcomes from the situation review: The critical question(s); the context; an understanding of each other; and an outline of the engagement structure.


In most cases I find turning a want or a need statement into a question invites a less restricted set of options, digs deeper into the challenge beyond symptoms, and surfaces the boundaries which will keep us on track. If you already have a solid definition, that’s fine too!


In my experience, most engagements are more effective when an effort is made to build an understanding of the people, existing processes, and history. I’m interested in your stories and facts.


The work I undertake often involves difficult, messy, or personal interactions. It is important we get along, and that we can communicate effectively. This meeting is a chance to understand more about each-other and build a level of trust.


Engagements can take many forms: onsite, offsite, people facing, data-based, intensive, or spread out over time… There is a long list and the final proposal will depend on the project itself, budget, time constraints…

In reality, I expect larger projects to require multiple sessions that hone the details and involve other stakeholders, and we’ll discuss how we do that on a case by case basis.

This meeting will inform the proposal document I will create and return so we can agree a plan and get started. The proposal will contain a summary of my understanding of the objectives, one or more options for the engagement and any immediate recommendations for you to take away.

Interested? Why not get in touch and lets see what we can do together.