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Who moved your cheese?

Rather like the book “Who moved my cheese” by Dr Johnson, some businesses have managed to move with the cheese during the COVID crisis while others can’t or haven’t. I was surprised the first time I saw the effect COVID has had on turnover. Take a look at the game of two halves described by
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Created: 24th August 2020

Covid-19 Business Stats 6

As government support for COVID diminishes, and how is your business performance compared to others? Industrial activity seems to be far from anything like a ‘new normal’ or in a sustainable state with a fragile supply chain (reduced input and output stock levels), risk-averse spending, and possible over-reliance on furlough support. That introduction may paint
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Created: 16th August 2020

COVID-19 Business Stats 5

What’s happening out there? How are businesses performing as government support for COVID diminishes? If you are interested in a quick view of the ONS stats related to business activity during the COVID period, read on. Here are key stats extracted from pages of original survey data, without the headline bias of global media. If
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Created: 3rd August 2020

COVID-19 Business Stats 4

So how are businesses coping with COVID-19 and its fallout? Here is the latest set of business performance charts extracted for the ONS data wave 8. I’ll add commentary over the week because you can draw your own conclusions and comparison against how you are doing. It’s still a game of two halves, those that
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Created: 20th July 2020

COVID-19 Business Stats 3

I have produced this series of documents to help people understand the situation beyond their local environment, to highlight fundamental difficulties faced by businesses during and post lockdown. This is my third article containing a focused view of business activity during the COVID crisis created from the much longer and detailed survey data issued by
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Created: 3rd July 2020