COVID-19 Business Stats 4

20th July 2020 by Phil Mundy

So how are businesses coping with COVID-19 and its fallout?

Here is the latest set of business performance charts extracted for the ONS data wave 8. I’ll add commentary over the week because you can draw your own conclusions and comparison against how you are doing.

It’s still a game of two halves, those that are in the game and doing well, and those that aren’t (or can’t). There are still opportunities for above-normal trading, but the high proportion of furloughed staff must surely be causing problems across the supply chain with reductions in both supply and demand.

Original data source: ONS Business Impact of COVID (BICS Wave 8).

Current trading status

Who is still paused?

Percentage of workforce furloughed

Financial performance

Turnover vs Expected

Cash position